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Jul. 9th, 2007 | 01:36 pm
mood: Interested
posted by: williamofoccam in perfecting_self

I've been looking on and off for a positive group to work on personal growth type things.  So I'm very hopeful that this could be the start of a very nurturing community for myself and the other members.  I like the concept of 'perfecting' as it comes across as more of a process.  Each person and as each person progresses in life, the idea of what would be 'perfect' for them changes.

Currently I'm looking to;
Balance my friendships - I seem to try to get too much from the closer friends that I have and not develop other outside friendships.
Develop a stronger sense of self - I often do things that other friends are doing to be with my friends.  This kind of ties into the friend balance above.  If I pursued my own interests I would find more friends with other common ground.

Short term goals (this week):
Identify what situations and activities I enjoy doing with which friends.
Identify the situations and activities I don't enjoy with friends.

Longer range goals (fodder for upcoming short term goals):
Shift those friendships to center more around the activities I am enjoying.
Identifying other interests I have that I haven't been investigating.

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