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01C, 01D, 01E...

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Apr. 8th, 2007 | 08:57 pm
posted by: blue_moon_god_s in perfecting_self

The last three weeks have been typical sadly. I worked, came home and slept, and did little of productivity on my days off.

I finally received my glasses.
I made mp3 CDs of books to listen to on the bus to work.
I had lots of sex. lol.
I went to a real estate seminar.
I ... can't think of what else I did.

This week
  • Decide if I'm going to Ontario
  • Return library books, and get a new set.
  • Bring at least one lunch per working day.
  • Research the businesses I'm interested in buying.
  • Win the lottery *wink*
  • Clean out my locker
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